Oryoki-Bowl Set -dark brown-


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The bowls are handcrafted by me from start to finish.

These bowls are made with deep brown earthenware. Inside, they are coated with transparent-matt glaze. The outside of the bowls is left natural, so that you can feel the clay directly.

Although Oryoki is originated in a monastic setting, you can easily incorporate Oryoki Bowls into your home practice so that you can be mindful of the sacredness of preparing and receiving food.

Product Information

Set consisting of 3 bowls.

Of course you can put the Oryoki Set into the dishwasher, but I recommend washing it by hand, as the bowls develop a smooth, velvety patina over time.

Size or Dimensions

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The largest bowl measures 5,7'' in. in diameter, it is 2,4'' high. The small bowl has a diameter of 4,1'', 1,8'' height.