Handmade Oryoki Bowls

All my oryoki sets are one of a kind pieces. Small deviations in color or shape are a sign of the handycraft production and should be embraced.
My oryoki bowls are made of earthenware and 
fired at 1050 °. Inside I glaze them,  outside the bowls are unglazed natural, so you can feel the clay directly.  Each bowl is signed with a stamp on the bottom.
They are lead-free in mass and glaze, cadmium-free and acid-resistant and therefore suitable for food.

Best wishes, Peter



Handgearbeitete Oryoki-Schale, Oryoki-Bowl

A short introduction to Oryoki

Oryoki is a meditative form of eating which evolved many centuries ago in the ancient Buddhist monasteries in Japan and China. The practice emphasizes mindful eating, thankfulness and virtues.

Literally Oryoki means "that which contains just enough".

My Motivation

During a retreat in a Zen monastry, I observed that Zen-practitioners who want to own their own oryoki set have to rely on cheaply made plastic or melamine products. This discovery inspired me to start creating oryoki bowls out of ceramics.

oryoki bowl,  handmade

The Values

The bowls are handcrafted by me from start to finish.

Making oryoki bowls is more a way of life than a production of results. In that sense, I always make one set after the other. There is no form of optimization of production or rationalization of processes.

My variations of Oryoki Bowls

Handmade Oryoki Bowl, Oryoki Supplies
Oryoki Bowl
Oryoki Bowls dark-terra


3SCHALEN - tea cup of Limoge porclaine
oryoki sets in the kilt
3SCHALEN - eating oryoki
oryoki - the special grip
black oryoki bowls - black oryoki set

About Me

I Studied Fine Arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.
Since 2015 I am practicing Soto-Zen at Akazienzendo Berlin.

You can find more about me and my work here:


Peter Goettler